dark cycling rIDERS alliance

It is just about 



FREEDOM to ride,   train and race


FREEDOM to help others in need


FREEDOM to express our self'


FREEDOM to do more with less.


FREEDOM of gathering and reunion.


FREEDOM to enjoy and have fun in life without harming others.


Our mission,  aim,  and  goal of any of our events is to give a helping hand to the people in need of our community.  Also,  to get others initiated in friendly cycling and non profit competition,  advocate on bring cycling awareness in our community about cycling safety,  and to unite in free gathering the diverse kind of cyclists and other outdoor athletes that exist here in Miami,  or other cities in the world too,  for our mutual love to people,  to riding a bike,  and to have some good clean quality time.  Check back often for more details of our events as they become available. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !






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